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Billings Accelerator is a program designed especially for recruitment business owners who want to escape the revenue roller coaster and create consistent, predictable placements.

Best of all, you’ll leverage your time through implementing automation and outsourcing, gaining more freedom and control as you build your ideal lifestyle business.

If you’re good at what you do, but your current results do not reflect your years of experience and level of effort you’re putting in, this program is for you.

Equally if you’re already performing well, but your billings have plateaued and you want to earn more without working more hours, this program will benefit you.

Module 1 – Defining Success: How to Clarify Your Vision, Mission, Purpose, Values and Goals.
  • To quantify, self-evaluate where you are and where you want to be with regards to your goals, vision, values, mission, etc.
  • Exercises on how to measure and define your own personal and professional goals, as well as discussing your business goals and how you want to position yourself and how clients perceive you and vice versa.
  • ​Understand your short-term and long-term goals, carve out a roadmap for you to follow in order to stay focused on what matters to you which in turn will affect the outcome and results of your business.
Module 2 - Specialization: How to Define or Refine Your Market Niche and Ideal Client Profile
  • To redefine, reaffirm and laser focus down on what your specialism and niche is.
  • ​The importance of specialising, and not being a generalist recruiter, understanding your clients’ pain points, triggers, and what is going to benefit them.
  • ​Become specialised and move forward with the mindset that being inch wide mile deep in knowledge is more beneficial for your company. This will set up the way you recruit for the future with a positive effect. Therefore, clients and candidates see you as the ‘go to expert’ within this niche. Understanding your clients’ pain points then gives you the ammunition you need to know how to target them accurately.
Module 3 – Magnetic Messaging: How to Craft a Pitch that Captures Your Prospect’s Attention and Generates a Positive Response
  • To understand what your client values are, what benefits them, and how to ensure these are incorporated in your content. 
  • How to create case studies and what specific things to include, and how to showcase these case studies. We explore and look at multiple examples of case studies with an in-depth critique of them from Mark.
  • ​Creating content via case studies in order to better appeal to what your client values and what will benefit them.
Module 4 – Marketing Data: How to Identify Every Decision-Maker in Your Space and Build the Ultimate Prospect Database
  • ​​Identifying your ideal client through market research and the importance of building a solid dataset. 
  • ​The options you have to build a dataset, creating automated client and candidate outreach campaigns.
  • ​​Clearer picture of who the ‘best buyers’ are within your target market, giving you more focus.
Module 5 – LinkedIn Lead Generation: How to Build Your Brand and Attract Warm Leads via LinkedIn
  • To create a repeatable process (with automation and/or outsourcing to another team member to generate inbound leads on LinkedIn.
  • ​In this module, Mark will take you through the 5 step process for generated leads on LinkedIn, and how you can either automate or outsource through creating a repeatable process. Mark shares his screen to show a few examples of the type of messaging exchanges that do well, and ultimately how to take the conversation offline to the telephone. He will show real-time on how to use Linked Helper along with Sales Navigator, as well as a project management tool to show one way of managing tasks if you are hoping to outsource this piece.
Module 6 – Automated Outbound Email: How to Fill Your Calendar with Sales Appointments via Personalized Cold Outreach
  • ​To show ‘real time’ how to create an effective outbound email sequence and campaign
  • Mark critiques a real example of an effective outbound email campaign. He shares his screen and takes you through the walkthrough of how to create an email outbound campaign, he discusses the various tools, and shows specifically how to use Interseller.
  • ​​To understand the user interface of how to set up an email sequence using a tool. 
Module 7 – Outsourcing Secrets: How to Leverage Your Time by Building a Dream Team of Offshore Virtual Assistants
  • ​To understand how to outsource and delegate tasks to an offshore team/virtual team.
  • ​How to hire, where to hire from, management of a virtual team, some of the specific tasks that you can outsource.
  • ​To see the value in outsourcing and delegating to an offshore virtual team.
Module 8 – Signature Service Offering: How to Package Your Service to Win Exclusive, Engaged or Retained Searches
  • To start thinking of what your highest and best level of service offering is. How can you increase your revenue through improving the pitching of your services.
  • ​Critical success factors, the exercises to complete in order to identify the characteristics that your clients have in common, and then use this to strive for the next level of service.
  • ​Increased revenue, and pitching yourself above competitors by truly tapping into your client’s values in order to sell your best and highest service
Module 9 – Differentiation: How to Create a Truly Unique Value Proposition and Gain a Major Advantage Over the Competition
  • To truly understand what sets you apart from your competitor
  • ​The philosophy and shift of mindset, digging deeper into what differentiates you from your competitors
  • ​To win further business, by resonating with your clients, and speaking to what their desired end result is.
Module 10 – Content Marketing: How to Position Yourself as an Expert Authority and Become the Go-To Recruiter in Your Niche
  • Position yourself as an expert authority in your niche through the use of content
  • How to create content, who creates it, how frequently to distribute and how and what to distribute
  • ​Generate further candidate and client leads, as well as traffic to your website/inbox/calendar
Module 11 – Inbound Lead Generation: How to Attract Inbound Leads on Autopilot with Lead Magnets and Landing Pages
  • To show the benefits of capturing leads from the traffic to your website effectively in order to convert and result in increased revenue.
  • Examples of companies who are capturing leads well, and the lead magnets they have produced which generate these leads. We discuss ideas for lead magnets and why the right topic is crucial.
  • To give you the inspiration, tools, and motivation to not only implement your own opt in forms, but to encourage you to then track these leads and more importantly, get these leads converting.
Module 12- Marketing Automation: How to Convert Inbound Leads into Sales Appointments with Automated Follow Up Sequences
  • How to reach out to prospects who have already opted in and providing excellent content through an email sequence.
  • Examples of where companies have showcased their lead magnet well. The typical roadblocks people face when trying to create email templates to their ‘warm leads’.
  • To remove doubt and procrastination when it comes to creating an inbound follow up email sequence, resulting in the increase of presence and ultimately building authority within your niche in order to gain more clients.
Module 13 Social Selling: How to Leverage Social Media to Amplify Your Authority and Attract New Clients / Candidates
  • To understand how to become the ‘go to’ and authority in your niche, through social media.
  • The platforms/channels, timelines, frequency, what to share/curate, and on what platforms.
  • Boost and generate further candidates and client leads, improved branding, and authority.

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